Friday & River Home Goods

Exciting news: our friends at Friday & River just launched a collection of home goods. Even exciting-er news: we’re giving a set of those home goods away to one lucky Well Spent reader. As with all Friday & River products, the home collection – which includes planters, candles, valet trays and coasters – is lovingly handmade in California out of veg-tanned leather, and the winner gets their pick of leather colors (natural or hand-dyed “sumie”) and candle scents (“Woodland Cabin” or “Yuzu and the Sea”). To enter, simply leave a comment below. We’ll be picking the winner at random on Friday (& River!). Good luck.









For price and purchase info, visit Friday & River.

  • Travis Cody Fischer

    Hey, neat stuff!

  • George Ryan Connor

    sweeeeeet. love that y’all can do these contests.

  • Jason Norris

    Very cool! Love these products.

  • camp6ell

    i like nice things as much as the next guy, but… a candle glass wrapper and a plant pot wrapper? what function are these products performing? the candle is already in a (needless) glass… the plant is already in a pot… do we need more here?

    from the about page of this blog:

    “Well Spent features responsibly made products that look good and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

    What does responsibly made mean? It means no sweatshops, a low environmental impact, and nothing disposable. We cover items that are designed and built with thoughtfulness and intention.”

    • Jorge Miranda

      Maybe the leather makes them look neat and fit in with other leather goods/accents around the house. Does anyone really need anything at all? I fail to see the need for a leather-wrapped planter, but I’d simply take the leather wrap off and use it as a catchall instead.

  • John

    W a w

  • Sonny

    My office could use some of this stuff for sure!

  • Wil Meister

    could be good

  • nicksugai

    i would very much like to win.

  • goodmanw

    This stuff looks pretty pretty pretty good.

  • paulk1m

    crossing my fingers!

  • Kimmy

    All looks awesome!

  • jinmook

    Looking pretty nice!

  • ck654321

    Into it.

  • François Hosy

    I really like the painted leather !

  • BenG


  • Sally Cote

    I like the coasters with “Raise your sail high” embossed on them.

  • Locke


  • chad1312


  • yungdomdeluise

    damn love the valet trays

  • Lawyerwup

    The valet trays are palatable.

  • blueshoe


  • Sean

    This would put the finishing touches on my new place with my girlfriend.

  • Matt


  • Nate

    Unreal, would love the plant wrap

  • AJJB

    Taking a chance if this is open for international readers…

  • Brian

    Sickkkk! You can never have too much leather in your house

  • Philip Che

    Loving the clean designs!

  • Clark Yin

    Good stuff

  • Josh Bell

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Pickme! Pickme! Pickme! Picmi! Picmi! Picmi! Pygmy! Pygmy! Pygmy! Pygmy!

  • Kanan

    Just in time to furnish