Fortune Goods Artist Surf Pants

I went to the Des Moines Art Center last weekend (stop laughing), and I felt like a true Art Dad™. I was all “that’s a Basquiat,” and “Picasso did that painting in secret when Paris was occupied by Germans.” I wish I had some of these Artist Surf Pants from Fortune Goods to really bring it home. Made out of a heavy 9 oz linen fabric from Belgium, these loose fitting pants have hand-sewn natural bone and metal buttons and are hand-painted by New York artist, Ryan Sneden. Pants this unique should cost a Fortune (pun intended), but you can get ’em for 25% off from ManReady Mercantile.

For price and purchase info, visit Manready Mercantile.

  • dabzvapelord

    no, just no

    • Nick Grant

      Oh, wow. I’m so embarrassed.

      Everyone, we must remove these pants from the site. “Dabzvapelord” has spoken.