Flint and Tinder Sherpa Full Zip Jackets

So, I’m all for this fleece resurgence, but holy shit, why are all the new “cool” fleeces over $300!?!? Cozy nostalgia is great and all, but that’s nuts. Thankfully, these new Flint and Tinder Sherpa Full Zip Jackets – which are made from super fuzzy, high pile fleece in LA, making them, if not the only US-made fleeces on the market, the only US-made ones I’ve heard of – are a much more reasonable $148 a pop. I do wish there was a natural or brown colorway, but the green and gray are cool, too. Get ’em at Huckberry. 

For price and purchase info, visit Huckberry.

  • Right now, at least, these are ringing up at $102 when I’m logged in at Huckberry.

    • Beast of burden

      Oh shit! I’m getting the green one. Thanks for the info!