Filson Wax Work Vests

According to the Filson website, these new Wax Work Vests will keep you “protected on the job site.” Not the most impressive claim, when your job site is a desk in a room in your house – I mean, aside from some of you more mean-spirited commenters, I can’t think of much I need protection from. But, it’s sill nice to know the American-made vests, with their heavy-duty waxed cotton shell, 100g PrimaLoft Gold insulation, and cotton twill lining, will have my back (literally and figuratively). Two colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit Filson.

  • Tyson Rexroat

    I don’t think you’d wanna wear a wax coated, waterproof vest to do desk-work.
    Now, if your line of work is chainsaws, tree felling, and powerline construction. this is the best of the best ! hands down. this is the last vest you’ll ever buy. Money Well Spent. Hipsters, need not buy. this is for real ” job-site work ” the breast pocket holds exactly 6 – .308 high powered rifle bullets .. very comfortably