Filson Supply Pants

Remember back in the day when things were so much easier? Back when you could rock your flannel, straight-leg trousers, and Wolverine boots and feel like a boss? I mean, obviously you can still do that if you have the swagger, but for those weary of getting slapped with the “urban lumberjack” label, these Filson Supply Pants are a nice middle ground. Made in the US out of a gnarly, “thicc” cotton herringbone, they’re definitely workwear-inspired but no one “works” in their clothes anymore. You might work IT, but work? Nah, B. I’m picking up a pair from Context for $165 and rocking ’em with those Dries van Noten Pony Hair slip-ons I’ve been obsessing over, skee-yooooo!

For price and purchase info, visit Context.