Filling Pieces Runner 3.0 Low Sneakers

Filling Pieces is great at making low-profile luxury sneakers, but I was skeptical when I saw them crossing over into the performance / sport sneaker lane. The thing is, they didn’t change lanes – they just made theirs wider. The Amsterdam-designed, Portuguese-made Runner 3.0 Lows have many of the same luxe features, like Italian leather uppers and leather insoles, but they’re done up in a tech-y runner style, and on top of a cushy platform sole that actually looks better than some of their minimalist counterparts. And now that they’re on sale at Need Supply, it’s a great time for you to you merge into FP’s lane, because if Filling Pieces isn’t on your radar, you deserve coal in your swag stocking.






For price and purchase info, visit Need Supply.

UPDATE: Looks like Need Supply already sold out, but you can still find some sizes / colors on sale at Footshop and Urbanstar.