Filling Pieces Low Knit Arch Runner Shell Knits

Guys, please don’t tell me you’re still sleeping on the Runners from Filling Pieces. I’ve got two pairs, and they are legit some of the comfiest and best made shoes in my closet. And notice I said ‘shoes’ there, not sneakers. I’m including all of my boots, hard-bottoms, and everything else in that comparison. These new Low Knit Arch Runner Shell Knits were designed to be worn sock-less (there are no seams on the inside), and they’ve got a supportive nubuck heel cage and lightweight yet cushioning EVA sole. I think I’m about to make it three pairs…

For price and purchase info, visit Filling Pieces.

  • Teen Rockett

    I’d love to try these out, but FP is straight up the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve bought in my adult life, across all designs.