FDMTL Kimono Cardigan

FDMTL is one of those Japanese brands, like Kapital or Visvim, where as much as I like their clothes, I also know I can’t afford any of them, so I purposely make a point of not browsing their stuff when I’m looking at one of their online stockists because why torture myself, you know? Except, the other day, I did browse their stuff while I was looking at End (I guess I was feeling a little masochistic), and found this indigo-dyed cotton jersey Kimono Cardigan for $175 which, in the normal scheme of things, isn’t cheap, but for FDMTL, is very, very cheap (even less than one of their regular crew sweats). So I’m feeling justified in picking one up – how about you?

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.