Epperson Mountaineering Large Climb Totes

I would like to consider myself a practitioner of individuality when it comes to how I dress. But, I have been eyeing one of these Epperson Large Climb Totes ever since I saw my friend, Adrian, carrying it around, because I swear this dude’s style is fucking flawless. It’s like everything he touches turns to street style gold. So, catching a glimpse of him toting this military-grade cordura nylon, drawcord and snap closure fastening tote just made it THAT much more appealing. I would never admit this to his face because, I mean, I’m me, but hopefully I’ll inspire some of you to pick one of these up from END. on sale for $95 (down from $149) once you see me traipsing about.

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.