Engineered Garments Loiter Jackets

While I am definitely here for these Engineered Garments Loiter Jackets, I am also definitely not going to be loitering in them. You see, I am a 6’3, 205lb black man (a very light-skinned one, but still identifiable as “black male” via police scanner), and loitering is one of the many things you simply cannot do while being black these days (no matter how dope your lightweight cotton, NYC-made jacket may be). That said, I’ll still wear one of these to work, or out to dinner, or to the bar with some friends, or any of the other places I can go without having the cops unnecessarily called on me. Although, that list appears to be getting smaller every day.

For price and purchase info, visit The Bureau Belfast.

  • Genz

    Nick, how was the drive to work today?

    • Can’t imagine the 30 miles are fun to drive at all without one of these “loitering” coats on

  • Lobster

    We have your back!

  • The watercolour one is totally my steez. Light chinos during a summer party, hells yeah!