Engineered Garments Classic Shirts

What’s your favorite dessert? Mine is cheesecake. But, like, ALL the cheesecake. I could never pick just one flavor. Thinking about doing so makes be want to curl up in an anxiety-riddled ball. Similar thing is happening with this season’s range of Classic Shirts from Engineered Garments. Coming in a melange of fabrics and patterns like worsted wool flannel, denim, plaid, and jacquard – the thought of settling on one, I can already feel my body forcing itself into a ball. So, please, help me out here and pick one for me. Otherwise I’m just going to have to buy them all. Oh, and bring a slice of cheesecake, too.

For price and purchase info, visit The Bureau Belfast.

  • Those shirts look so comfy 😮
    But to put them in mid-range when they are between 300 – 400€ …