Engineered Garments Cagoules

You want to know what the hardest and most frustrating thing about being in the fashion industry is? Learning how to pronounce shit. There are so many designers and labels and item names that are unfathomably hard to pronounce. Take “cagoule” for instance. Is it kah-GOOL? KAY-guhl? kuh-GOAL-ee? Whatever it is, Engineered Garments has some sweet ones, including a Coated Linen and a Chambray, both of which are made in the US and have a kangaroo pouch, adjustable cuffs, and are the perfect weight for cooler summer evenings (or cooler summer days, as we’re starting to get here in Iowa). Don’t ask me how to say their name, just ask me where you pick ’em up for 50% off (the answer is The Bureau).

For price and purchase info, visit The Bureau Belfast.