It’s Easier to Sell Guns in America Than It Is to Buy Them

In response to the Parkland tragedy, a number of retailers have announced major changes to their gun sale policies. And while those changes should be applauded, they also shine a light on just how easy it is for stores to legally sell guns in America.

As reported by Racked, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Fred Meyer, and L.L.Bean (because nothing accentuates a gum boot like a Glock, apparently), all announced new restrictions, while Sears kicked a third-party seller off their marketplace for selling “a military-style rifle.”

But even with those Big Box-ers’ newfound embracement of accountability, there are still 56,199 active firearms dealer’s licenses in America (four times the number of McDonald’s, for perspective), and those licenses are inexplicably easy to acquire.

“According to a rep for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), there are no restrictions on what types of corporations can sell guns, so if that vintage clothing boutique with all the good mom jeans wants to diversify its product assortment, it hypothetically could,” the story said, also reporting that the license costs just $200 and requires a renewal every three years, making it less expensive than my parking permit.

But there are also scenarios in which no license is required, like “when individuals are liquidating a personal collection or selling off the occasional gun to pay for a newer model.”

The story also points out that corporations change their stance on guns constantly, so “it remains to be seen how sustained their restrictions on gun sales will be.” And, because of course he did, some asshole in Oregon has “already sued Walmart and Dick’s for ‘unlawfully discriminating against 18, 19, and 20 year-old customers at all Oregon locations.’”

You can read more about it at Racked.

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  • Common sense

    This is full of fake news.

    Federal firearm licensees are required to jump through a ton of hoops for reporting sales and transfers. If you have a collection of firearms, you must keep a lookbook of them, even if they will never be part of your sales. There are also some classes of license (such as Curio and Relic, ie antiques, where there are age of firearm restrictions for eligibility) that may be included in the total number of licenses.

    Also, all transfers of semi automatic firearms and pistols must go through a transfer process in nearly all states. Yes, some states (such as Virginia, last I checked) do permit pistol sales without a transfer, but that might have changed – please research prior to taking that as fact.

    You can liquidate a collection of old, bolt action hunting rifles without a transfer, or gift them to immediate family members (some states, however, mandate transfers via licensed dealers) but the majority of gun owners are responsible and do a transfer anyway (to avoid future liability) if the sale is to a third party.

    If 18 year olds were not permitted to peacefully assemble and protest (1st amendment), you can be sure a lawsuit would be filed, just as was done here for violation of a constitutional right.

    Please do additional research before you report, this is the intentionally misleading or briefly summarized “fake news” that the President talks about.

    • Common sense

      Oh, and I own an old 22 rifle with JC Penney stamped on the barrel. It was my grandfather’s and was given to me (legally) without a transfer. It’s from the good days when kids were taught manners, to respect their elders, and they never considered using a gun to shoot up their school. They were permitted to take it to school with them so they could hunt squirrel and rabbit on the way home.

    • BortLicensePlatez

      Well, since your name is common sense, you surely must be right!!! When i picture gun circlejerkers like you, i picture the chubby pringles cans shown in the picture above.

      Also, enough with your dumbass means-testing about the second amendment. People were once allowed to own slaves. The constitution is a living thing and your cowardly fetish for killing machines is not a “well regulated militia” against English invaders. Get over yourself, lets repeal the 2nd amendment and creater better lives for everyone in the US.