Dyer & Jenkins Lightweight Indigo Jeans

Hot and humid air has been migrating from the Caribbean to NYC for the past couple of weeks. But instead of bringing tropical birds and the salty scent of the sea, it’s given rise to massive, winged cockroaches, and made the entire city stink like swamp-ass. Normally in weather like this denim would be out of the question, but thanks to these new Lightweight Indigo Jeans from Dyer & Jenkins, there’s no need to ditch the dungarees. Made in the USA out of 11 oz. raw selvedge denim from Cone Mills, the jeans come in two fits, have durable 7 oz. canvas pocket bags and a chain stitched hem and waistband, and are perfect for the muggy (and buggy) conditions. Beat the heat for $125.


For price and purchase info, visit Dyer & Jenkins.