Druthers Trunks

These Trunks from Druthers hold the distinction of being the first underwear to be made from Recover Yarn, a proprietary mix of cotton that’s been recovered from discarded garments and recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Not only does Recover Yarn save a shit-ton of water (approximately 300 gallons per pair), it eliminates the need for pesticides too. Pretty fricking nifty. Also, the trunks, which are designed and made in NYC, make your ass look great. So, you know, win-win, wherever your priorities lie. Briefs and boxer-briefs are also available.

For price and purchase info, visit Druthers.

  • probs

    These seem nice. I also feel obligated to say:


  • ImpudentObserver

    $34 for 1 pair of drawers not even made of primo, pimo, pinto or whatever cotton? Unreal.