Drapeau Noir Lambswool Turtlenecks

Brad and I don’t disagree on much, but we definitely have differing views on turtlenecks. You can tell which side of the fence I’m on, by how gaga I’m going over these Drapeau Noir Lambswool Turtlenecks. They’re made in Portugal from silky lambswool, and that rollneck is definitely the move. I don’t know, guys. I know that Brad has a right to his opinion, and I respect him for it, but he’s also wrong, and I kinda hate him for it? Don’t tell him that, though. And either way, I’m sure he can get behind the $136 price-tag.

For price and purchase info, visit Drapeau Noir.

  • Sunny

    I wanted one of these but then I saw their Elegant Pant in Grey. I wanted both but couldn’t work out the sizing on the pants (which I wanted more). https://graduatestore.fr/en/# answered thru Facebook and only they had my size – but they couldn’t get the sweater. Anyhow I got the pants and they are amazing. Thanks Nick! (Btw they are slimmer than the Noah wool joggers in your latest Cool Dads (but a lot less expensive). I would have liked them a little more roomy maybe but I think the cut is timeless so I’m super happy and the material is gorgeous.