Drapeau Noir Japanese Worker Jackets

So, in addition to their new spring collection, our buddies at Drapeau Noir also just launched a new website, which looks great, except there’s no longer an option to view the pages in English, which can make navigation a little tricky for the non-French-speaking of us. But, I’m not letting a language barrier get in between me and these fan-fucking-tastic Japanese Worker Jackets. Indigo-dyed Japanese sashiko fabric. Classic French chore coat details. Cut and sewn in Portugal. And €150 / $170 a pop. That’s good shit in any language.

For price and purchase info, visit Drapeau Noir.

  • Matt

    Am I wrong or can you not actually buy these from Drapeau Noir’s site? I googled around and found a few stockists but the jackets are sold out.

    • S.O. Crane

      The Sashiko one seems to be a full size run on their website. It let me add it to the cart. Can’t say about full checkout tho.

    • The shipping country pull-down menu is alphabetized by the French name for each country. USA is located in the E section – Etats Unis.

  • They killed it with the washed version… Out of stock 😮

  • Olaf Ghanizadeh

    There is something weird with the website view you linked. Here is the direct link and it is easier to use: