Dr. Martens x Engineered Garments Velcro Strap Shoes

My wife had an incredible Doc Martens collection growing up. All the different flavors. But then she gave them away when she was in college, like a numbskull. So I’m gonna pick up where she left off by copping every magnificent color of these new Dr. Martens x Engineered Garments Velcro Strap Shoes. Made in DM’s iconic Northamptonshire, England factory, the classic 3-eyed shoe gets the EG treatment, with military-inspired colors and the addition of a velcro strap. I guess I could get her a pair, too, but I’d be scared she’d get rid of them too soon (again). And I want to know my $229 at END is well spent (get it?).

For price and purchase info, visit End Clothing.

  • Man if only the sole was different the suede. It totally ruins light colored shoes like the tan suede for me.