Dr. Collectors Tie Dye Socks

This is going to sound absolutely batshit crazy, but I probably search for cool socks more than any other clothing item. That includes sneakers! I know; nuts, right? I’m either looking for unique tie-dye socks that aren’t trying too hard or plain ol’ logo socks. Well, guess what, motherfucker? These Dr. Collectors Tie-Dye Socks kill two birds with one stone. Each pair is hand-dyed in funky – but not, like, “I did acid with Lenny Kravitz in ’93” funky – patterns and color combinations, along with the Dr. Collector’s logo stamped on the side. Magnifique! Of course, I’ll never stop looking for socks, but these $30 concoctions should tide me over for a few days.

For price and purchase info, visit Trading Post LA.