Dov Charney’s New Brand Is A Lot like His Old Brand

Rising from the ashes like a creepy phoenix, American Apparel founder, Dov Charney, is back with a new clothing brand called Los Angeles Apparel.

According to California Apparel News, Charney has taken over a 100,000 square foot factory in South Los Angeles that used to be an AA factory, and the company will be making “ T-shirts, hoodies, bodysuits and nearly everything that American Apparel made.”

And the similarities don’t stop there: many of the factory’s 400 workers are former AA employees, and 90 percent of the factory machinery “once was used to make American Apparel.”

The Los Angeles Apparel website claims that their current capacity is 140,000 units per week and “by mid-2018, [they] hope to double that with a staff of over 1,000.” Additionally, according to Apparel News, after wrapping up a Series A round of funding, the company, which is currently only offering wholesale, will eventually “branch out into the consumer business as well.”

Given Charney’s brand-growing track record, it’s conceivable that he’ll pull it off, too. Just hopefully, this time, without all of the sexual impropriety.

You can read more about it at California Apparel News.

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    AA used to supply supreme with their blanks….they were alryt