Document Field Jacket

My brother-in-law – who is a Physician’s Assistant – told me a funny story the other day about a gal who came into the ER panicking because her fingers had turned blue. He said nurses, doctors, all of them were talking about peripheral cyanosis, or something even worse. But he took one look at her hands, and then down at her new, indigo-bleeding denim, and told her to GTFO, LOL. Ah man, I was dying laughing. Anyways, it made me think about this really awesome, yet undoubtably bleed-happy, Document Field Jacket. The oversized, military-inspired jacket is made in South Korea out of 100% indigo-dyed cotton twill, and I can only imagine how much it would freak that same lady the fuck out. Hell, I’d gift her this beaut – which is 45% off at No Man Walks Alone – just to see that.

For price and purchase info, visit No Man Walks Alone.