Diniz and Cruz Garment Dyed Suiting

Let’s be honest: going to weddings kind of sucks. I mean, it’s great to spend a day celebrating love with friends and family and all that, but the cost of getting there, and then the cost of staying, and all the different presents you have to buy – shit adds up, fast. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank on your outfit, thanks to these Garment Dyed Suit Separates from Diniz and Cruz. Made in Portugal, the slim-fit, unstructured suits are crafted out of 100% cotton twill, and then garment dyed for a softer, more relaxed fit. And, prices start at $117 for the pants and $320 for the jackets. Get ’em at Oi Polloi.




For price and purchase info, visit Oi Polloi.