A Day’s March Ripstop Field Jackets

As someone who graduated with a BS in Creative Journalism – with a focus on copywriting – I really fucking hate myself for trying to fit “march” into the opening line of my initial write-up for this A Day’s March Ripstop Field Jacket. It was like “march forward with this US-made iteration of the classic M65 overshirt.” I even thought about going turbo with “a day (ago) March was here, but now it’s time to spring into step with this lightweight, Portuguese-made jacket.” Ugh, have I become the advertising copywriter I oh so loathe? No, because I definitely would’ve added a “fuck with me” or some shit that wouldn’t ever get me hired in the real world. Buy this joint for $155 or “march” your ass to the swag-less corner over there.

For price and purchase info, visit A Day’s March.