A Day’s March Classic Oxfords

So, I just watched Bodyguard on Netflix (the British series, not the Kevin Costner / Whitney Houston movie), and it’s total junk, but in the best way possible, like if Fritos Flavor Twists were a TV show. There was one thing that drove me nuts through the whole thing though, and that was the itty-bitty collars on all of the protagonist’s shirts. It’s just hard to take a guy seriously when his collar is thinner than his tie, you know? That’s why I’m a big fan of these A Day’s March Classic Oxfords. Not only are they made in Portugal, and crazy affordable, they also have an appropriate, adult-sized collar. Four colors are available.

For price and purchase info, visit A Day’s March.

  • This drives me crazy, especially in what are supposed to be period pieces, but everyone is wearing super-slim shirts with skinny little collars. Thank god for Mercer and their 3 7/16″ collars.

  • John

    that analogy was brilliant. slow clap