Corridor Wool Overshirts

I talk a lot about overshirts but don’t own that many. Well, I talk a lot about a lot of clothing that I don’t own much of, because I’m a broke ass bitch, but that’s neither here nor there. If there is one overshirt I am without a doubt going to walk the proverbial walk with, it’s the Corridor Wool Overshirt, because it’s as sexy as an overshirt can get, in my opinion. Three absolutely incredible wool varieties – that mind-bending plaid one, crazy heavy 18 oz. one, and beautiful Italian herringbone one – you seriously cannot go wrong with any of these. In fact, I may just toss all my other overshirts out and start fresh with these three beefcakes.

For price and purchase info, visit Corridor.

  • S.O. Crane

    the salt and pepper herringbone is nice