Corridor NYC Herringbone Overshirts

Am I the only one that has to correct people that refer to an overshirt as just a “shirt”? Like, am I being unreasonable when someone asks, “what kind of shirt is that?” and I immediately snap back with “you mean this overshirt or the shirt you can barely see underneath?” I know it’s snobbish and psychotic. But then I think about overshirts like these US-made Herringbone ones from Corridor NYC, and how much they deserve the delineation, with their heavier cotton herringbone fabric, external pockets, and straight hem. TUH. Let me educate you real quick, random guy on the street who now thinks I’m an aggressive black man when I’m really just passionate about clothing! Of course, then I’ll give him the URL to the Corridor site, and he’ll be like “$225 is a lot for a shirt” and oh my fucking goodness, hold me back.

For price and purchase info, visit Corridor NYC.

  • Herringbone is always a great texture option. I’m partial to grey and charcoal HB.