Corridor Linen Overshirts

I could debate myself for hours about the worthwhileness of a linen overshirt. Mainly because I’m neurotic, but also because I can see both the positives and negatives. The main negative is that it wouldn’t provide a ton of warmth. Whereas the positives can pretty much all be found in Corridor’s Linen Overshirts. Made out of a linen-cotton blend from the 100-year old Original Madras Company in India – where the shirts are also sewn responsibly – they need no breaking in and are perfect for all-day-spring and summer-evening-wear. And actually, in that scenario, the negative is a positive, because who wants to wear an overshirt in the summer that’s going to make you sweat your nipples off? So, I win the debate. And now I’m going to reward myself with one of these $195 overshirts.

For price and purchase info, visit Corridor.

  • probs

    On the Clay colored one, the lighting/shooting on the product shots vs the fit shot makes it look like two 100% different products. Internet shopping troubs