Cool Dads™ | Weird Times, Man

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

September gotta be the weirdest month of the year. It’s the first full month of school, meaning my child is always in a bad mood with a what-the-fuck-is-this-shit look on his face. I, too, am commonly sporting this face due to the consortium of weather conditions that are virtually impossible to plan for. Especially with all of the travel that somehow consistently happens around this time. P.S. y’all need to stop getting married, OK?

With weird weather comes weird – yet still immaculate because; duh – fits, introducing juuuust the right mixture of fabrics and patterns. You can never go wrong with a vertical-striped short-sleeve shirt in September, even if it’s got varying stripe widths. And then a subtle patchwork trouser with a nice weight to it for even more variation to hint at just how fucking crazy you are. Let those trou sit atop a pair of particularly unique oxford shoes and you’re set. Especially since you are carrying around a big ass duffle bag with an entirely different wardrobe in it because, get this; YOU GOT ANOTHER FUCKING WEDDING TO GO TO.

My Back to School, Bitches picks:

MoMa x NY Yankees Baseball Cap

Engineered Garments Double Cloth Painter Pant

Evan Kinori Corduroy Weekender

Last Heavy Mixed Grey Stripe Sexy Shirt

Feit Braided Oxfords