Cool Dads™ | Wedding Season

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

With fatherhood comes growing up-hood. That means all of your knucklehead friends, with whom you used to get so drunk that you’d break a blood vessel in your eye from puking, are settling down and getting married. Just like you. They see how marriage and children can change a man, and yet they still want to go through with it. Masochism, I suppose. Nonetheless, wedding season is upon us, which most assuredly means I ain’t going into one looking like a scrub.

The current weather situation is a good excuse to take it back to the #menswear days – and to skip the jacket, so you won’t look like every other guy there. Kick it off with some versatile suede derbies paired with tapered and hemmed trousers and eye-catching tie-dye socks. A clean band collar popover for the top. And gotta keep the matching tie-dye handkerchief close by in case the feels creep up. All in all, have a good time looking cool because Lord knows “good times” and “looking cool” aren’t gonna be a part of your life much longer.

My Wedding Season Picks:

Stock Mfg. Co. Banded Collar Popover

The Hill-Side Hand-Dyed Shibori Selvedge Chambray Bandana

Anderson’s Woven Leather Belt

American Trench Indigo Tie Dye Socks

Common Projects Suede Cadet Derby Shoes

CAMO Sorin Classic Trousers