Cool Dads™ | The Pee Wee Soccer Game

Welcome to the second installment of Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

My child doesn’t give two shits about sports yet, but what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t force them on him now, so he can grow as resentful of them as he’ll be of me when he hits puberty. I’m mostly kidding. But any way we can get him outside, running around and (hopefully) enjoying himself, I’m in. And since these outings tend to turn into day-long excursions, the more comfortable I can be, the better. The key to comfort, especially with layering, is the layers that are closest to the skin. A modal cotton t-shirt feels like someone is blowing cool air on your nips, and when you pair one with some Canadian-made, indigo-dyed sweat pants – it’s almost as good as wearing nothing at all. Add to that an oversized pullover that allows for a little breathing room, a just-in-case hooded jacket for those unpredictable April showers, and top (and bottom) it off with a waxed ball cap and some dad shoes, and you’ll be running circles around the other slow-footed, slack-jawed fathers trying to corral their kids. So go get yourself an ice cream, dad. You and your style deserve it.

My Pee Wee Soccer Game Picks:

John Elliott Oversized Crewneck Pullover

New Balance M998 “Explore By Sea” Pack

KNYEW Modal Perfecto Tee

National Athletic Goods Indigo Gym Pant

Death to Tennis Hooded Jacket

Fairends Waxed Cotton Ball Cap

  • Jake

    This makes me want to have children.