Cool Dads™ | One Shining Moment

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

It’s March Dadness™ and that means I will drink exactly one beer and get to watch all of 6 minutes total of basketball because my son needs my wife and I’s undivided attention at all times. And he deserves it, too. Home, that’s his domain. When we’re home, nothing else comes above him.

So we’ll be sneaking out in order to get some tournament time in.

And that means our gear has to be incognito, so he doesn’t think we’re dressing up to go out (not approved), but just to run errands / get shit done (approved). Granted, an authentic Mitchell & Ness jersey isn’t exactly inconspicuous, but with a relaxed fit sweatshirt over it, and some track pants and Italian-made sneakers, he won’t be made suspicious. He’ll just think his dad looks dope, because he does. And onwards my wife and I will go to live that one shining moment.

My One Shining Moment picks:

Second Layer Logo Script Pullover

Common Projects B-Ball Lows

Mitchell & Ness Vince Carter 1998-99 Authentic Jersey Toronto Raptors

Très Bien Sunflower Hat

AMI Track Pants

  • As much as I like cartoons, I still can’t say I enjoy the Cartoony ass Raptor. Did they have to dress it up; it’s Raptorception with the Raptor on the Jersey wearing a Raptors jersey!