Cool Dads™ | ‘Murica

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

Wow, this country is trash right now. I won’t get all political on you, but we are in some dire times, people. Times that I don’t want my son to ever, ever know about. So what do we use to shield our children from the social injustices, divisive hatred, and senseless acts of domestic terrorism? FIREWORKS, BITCHES! Nothing like the deafening sounds caused by a bunch of lights going off in the sky for 25 minutes to briefly make you think, “man, I love this country.” And even though a nice camp collar shirt, some cropped trousers, and a pair of loafers may not look overly “patriotic,” I like to show my love for this country by not only wearing clothing that’s made here, but also made in Japan, Italy, Mexico. Because no matter who you are, or where you’re from, we all still deserve the same things – love, family, safety, liberty. And THAT is what ‘Murica should really be about.

My ‘Murica Picks:

Noah Core Logo Hat

Gitman Vintage Camp-Collar Floral-Print Cotton-Blend Shirt

Chamula Wide Flat Weaved Leather Bracelet

Wacko Maria Twill Skate Pants

Robert Geller x Common Projects Edition Slip-On Loafers