Cool Dads™ | Mommy Daddy Fun Time

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

We have been waiting for this for a very, very long time. While we absolutely HATE being away from our child, sometimes, for our own physical and emotional well-being, we have to be. So we’re taking a little jaunt to San Francisco, Napa, and, somehow, I talked her into a night in Vegas??? So, the Cool Dad™ will become Bohemian Dad™, then Vino Dad™, and finish it off with Sinful Dad™. And I gotta be able to transition properly.

Gotta keep it flashy with the camp shirt, risque with the shorts, but adaptable with the noragi for the change in weather. I could literally go from overpaying for broccoli & asiago pizza to getting lit at Chapellet to losing my life’s savings with one outfit. Pray for me.

My Mommy Daddy Fun Time picks:

Etnia Barcelona Wolsely Sunglasses

Prospective Flow Haori

Feit Hand Sewn Slide Loafers

Our Legacy Box 2P SL Shirt

Patagonia 5″ Baggies Shorts