Cool Dads™ | March Dadness

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

It’s that time of year again, when people start bugging me about a sport I barely still have a relationship with. I mean, yes, I love basketball, and watch it on occasion, but I’m not trying to let the years I spent playing make me the office Joe Lunardi for everyone to bounce their pick rationale off of. NCAA March Madness is a time for me to take my son to a more-bar-than-grill to eat fried food carefully placed inside other friend food, drink copious amounts of bee- I mean, water, and gamble my life away. And since everyone is all “go, my team who isn’t going to win,” I guess I’ll at least look like I give a damn and dress the part, too. But, like, better than everyone else.

Because I don’t want anyone thinking I’m affiliated with any of these teams filled with exploited teenagers, I keep it pretty neutral with a pair of beige “you ain’t up on these” runners and black sweatpants. I wear my squad hoodie under my team jacket – just enough to say “I like sports” but not enough that you should start a conversation with me. Perfect. I guess I can also give a little nod to my playing days with a ring commemorating my school’s mascot. But only if people realize my playing days are behind me, and I just want to live my life as an okay dad and borderline drunk in peace.

My March Madness Picks:

Foothills California English Bulldog Ring

Notre Logo Hoodie

John Elliott Raw Edge Sweatpants

WTAPS Team Jacket

Axel Arigato Velocity Sneakers