Cool Dads™ | Lazy Sunday

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

It’s cold as shit outside. We’re finally through the holidays and seeing way too much of our family and friends. I’ve already given up on my New Year’s Resolution to “eat better and work out more,” so I feel like giant tub of lard. And, my son is still at the age where he’s a fiery ball of energy who wants to run around all God.Damn.Day. What does all that add up to? Taking full fucking advantage of my Lazy Sunday.

I’ll have some interaction with my son, of course, but mostly I will be on the couch, not stepping out outside for any reason. And that calls for the coziest of cozy shit. Thermal long johns that’ll make your nuts feel like they’re roasting on an open fire (but, like, in a good day), underneath a pair of sweat shorts for maximum groin-al comfort. Can’t forget the toe-snuggling socks paired with easy-going shearling-lined slippers and the rollneck sweater than can double as a mask for 10 minutes of “scary-monster-zombie-ghost-time play.” Phew, I’m pooped. Back to the couch.

My Lazy Sunday Picks:

Needles Rollneck Sweater

Birkenstock Shearling Lined Boston Clogs

Les Basics Le Short Pant

Maple Heritage Speckle Ribbed Socks

Woolpower 200g Long Johns

  • Those Woolpower long johns frequently keep me nice and warm as I watch my son struggle to haul his sled up the hill. (Hey, it builds character!)

  • Jack Beslyn

    I guess the kids eatin’ ramen next month!