Cool Dads™ | Layering Season™

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

We got our tans. We swam in cool, serene waters. We dipped our toes in sand. And all of it was great, especially with a kid who’s really starting to love the summer. But now begins the most wonderful time (for jawnz) of the year: Layering Season™.

I usually know it’s Layering Season™ because my wife’s allergies have her damn near incapacitated. Once I see her watery eyes and glowing red nose, I know it’s time to throw a lightweight cardigan over my seasonal crossover favorites; a sturdy white tee, some medium weight trousers, and slip-ons with a little, okay, a lot of flair. The kiddo and I will get to spend considerably more time outside too, since he told me yesterday he “doesn’t like hot” and “likes cold much, much better.” Me too, son. Me too.

My Layering Season™ Picks:

John Elliott Cotton Cardigan

Maple Bolo Necklace

Dr. Collectors USMC Dropcrotch Pant

Lady White Co. Clark Pocket Tee

Dries Van Noten Man Ponyhair Slip-Ons

  • long legs

    about to be a dad soon here, love these Cool Dads™ posts. keep that shit goin’ (cool dads cuss right?)

    • Nick Grant

      Meant to respond to this earlier in the week. I really, really appreciate the feedback, boss. It’s comments like these that keep me doing these.

      Fat shouts to a happy and healthy baby & mommy! I’m sure you’ll do great even when there are times it seems as though you won’t!