Cool Dads™ | The Itis™

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

What’s the Itis™, you ask? It’s the price you pay for spending an entire day hanging out with family, eating some of the most anticipated food of the year, watching football, and just generally veg-ing out. It’s when you’re too full to move, but still thinking about fixing yourself another plate. It’s that sleepy feeling you blame on the tryptophan, and not the three beers you had before dinner (and two you had during). That’s the Itis™, baby.

Luckily, you knew this was coming, so you’ve dressed for success. And by “success,” I mean wearing clothes that will expand with you, but not make you look like a complete slob. A neatly knitted hat, wool tartan plaid scarf, and cashmere-blend topcoat so everyone knows you’re all business, and a turtleneck sweater to hide your own turkey neck. Your wool joggers can be dressed up or down, but the elastic waist will come in handy right around pumpkin pie time. You’ll have never looked better while half conscious and drooling on yourself. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

My The Itis™ Picks:

Acne Studios Pansy L Face Beanie

AMI Turtleneck Sweater

John Elliott Cashmere Topcoat

Diemme Purple Suede Brenta Sneakers

Harmony Antoine Tartan Scarf

Noah Wool Joggers