Cool Dads™ | Date Night

Welcome to the first installment of Cool Dads™, a new series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

“I had a rough day at work.”
“I’m tired, let’s just get takeout.”
“I couldn’t find a babysitter.”

These are just a few of the reasons that keep us trapped in our sad, pathetic, parental routine. So, when you and your Mrs. are able to make a date night happen, it’s a big ass deal. Slopping up Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster ain’t gonna cut it this evening. You’re gonna take your asses to that fancy sushi joint, get a buttload of sashimi, then go to your favorite bar to get drunk off two beers because your tolerance is pitiful. And you’re going to do it all while looking your spiffed-up best. And I’m not talking about work-spiffy, I’m talking about I want my wife to remember what a gentleman I am and hopfeully touch my penis later-spiffy. A casual oxford and subdued, yet cozy coat that she’ll undoubtably be wearing by the end of the evening, paired with some slim trousers, sleek boots and a scarf that makes everything pop will have her skipping dessert and telling the babysitter to hit the road sooner than you think.

My Date Night Picks:

AMI 2 Button Oversized Coat

Sid Mashburn Spread Collar Sport Shirt

Kiriko Modern Patchwork Scarf

Common Projects Chelsea Boots

Epaulet Navy Hopsack Wool Slim Walt Trousers

  • DJ

    Those suede chelsea boots are a major key. Date night…casual day..any day

    DJ | Menswear & Personal Development

  • Watcho

    Those CP’s are begging for some cool dad’s cool kid to go cool sharpie all over them. Enjoy those hearts, papa!