Cool Dads™ | Boats ‘N Clothes

Welcome to Cool Dads™, a series in which our resident cool dad, Nick Grant, helps us all get dressed.

There is nothing more satisfying, and terrifying, than your child being comfortable with playing in water. Water is fun as hell, and you want your children to experience it without a care. But, you also want them to care a little because if they don’t, then they’re fearlessly jumping in without you watching and OH MY GOD OLIVER YOU CAN’T DO THAT DEAR GOD YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME.

While I tend to spend most of my time hovering over him in the water – where my nipple got bit by a catfish this weekend, by the way – the rest of my time is spent on the boat lampin’ like a boss with a beer and my son’s leftover Goldfish crackers. Cool, comfy swim trunks that are short because I’m an adult now, a breathable tank top that lets the sun kiss my skin, and slip-ons that I can, well, slip off (and back on again). Fuck off, catfish.

My Boats ‘N Clothes Picks:

Monokel Barstow Sunglasses

Buddy G.S. Slip-Ons

Reigning Champ Scalloped Tank

Bather Trunk Co. Bandana Surf Trunks

Birdwell Comp Stripe Beach Towel

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    Catfish getting fresh