Chamula Zipper Cardigans

Thank goodness Chamula is willing to sell these magnificent Zipper Cardigans to us gringos in the US, because I’ll be damned if we deserve them. We are still getting blessed with cozy Merino wool, harvested from sheep that graze high in the Mexican Mountains, knit by Mexican artisans on small, hand-built knitting wheels in limited quantities, then topped off with a hand-sewn zipper, despite us bring being a trash-ass nation that isn’t worthy of shit, at this point. If you support incredible craftsmanship and immaculate knitwear, pick up one of these cardigans for $264 to $330, and yell “FUCK TRUMP” when you do.

For price and purchase info, visit Chamula.

  • S.O. Crane

    The handmade zipper pulls are the cherry on top. Really well made knitwear at an incredible price-to-value ratio.