Centennial Trading Company Watches

So, full disclosure, I don’t know shit about watches. But these new Watches from Centennial Trading Company look great. And they’re assembled in the United States using Swiss-made components. And they come with a handmade Horween leather strap. And, they’re only $235 with code TimeWellSpent. So, based on all of that, I feel like these are pretty awesome. As for how they measure up as actual watches, I’ll leave it up to you watch nerds to tell us in the comments.


For price and purchase info, visit Centennial Trading Company.

  • Mikux

    That’s expensive for a quartz movement. There are handsome options for the same price that has automatic mechanical movement. Those can be serviced and will last a lifetime.

    • Adam

      > That’s expensive for a quartz movement.

      Hey, friend. Have you heard of Shinola? lol

  • Watcho

    How do you know when it’s midnight at Neverland Ranch?

    It’s when the big hand touches the little hand.

    • This from the guy who thinks Japapean is offensive.

      • Watcho

        No, I only said it *sounds* like something offensive. Totally different than telling a dated child molestation joke about a dead guy in conjunction with a post about watches.

  • Olaf Ghanizadeh

    Not sure if it qualifies as well spent, but there are a lot of options in the Seiko 5-series that look similar to these watches and for $235 you can get one modded to look exactly like that.