Cause-Based Commerce Will Save Us All (LOL, Not Really, but It’s Kinda Helping)

The very fabric of our society may be unraveling before our eyes, but if you’re looking for a silver(ish) lining, WWD is reporting that America’s dramatic political polarization is doing wonders for cause-based commerce.

According to the article, a study found that 58 percent of consumers aged 13 to 25 are “more likely to buy from brands that back a good cause.”

And brands have noticed. Allbirds, Everlane, and Adidas were all cited as labels “taking a renewed interest in ethical sourcing and sustainable materials,” and all three have done huge numbers in recent years.

And while those brands “demonstrate core values on a product basis,” other brands “may weave issues… into their core ethos,” the story said, noting that a company like Sand Cloud essentially exists in service of marine conservation, and that Zappos has woven charity into its brand identity.

“From a Stateside perspective,” the story said, “there’s a potent landscape for retailers and brands to take a stance on key issues plaguing the consumer’s thoughts, or risk losing loyalty altogether.”

You can read more about it at WWD.

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