Inspiration is Where You Find It: Gary Oldman

For an actor who got his big break playing Sid Vicious, Gary Oldman’s career has been admirably disciplined. Unlike Vicious, who fizzled out almost as quickly as he gained notoriety, Oldman has been playing the long gain, amassing an impressive record of roles over his thirty-five year career. In that time, he’s played everyone from Sirius Black, to George Smiley, to Lee Harvey Oswald, with a memorable turn as Count Dracula tossed in for good measure. And yet, it’s away from the camera that Oldman steps into one of his most interesting roles: a paragon of British refinement and classic Hollywood panache. Read more »

Inspiration is Where You Find It: Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren was a master of manipulation, and I mean that as a compliment. From Vivienne Westwood, to the Sex Pistols, to Bow Wow Wow, to Duck Rock, Malcolm McLaren’s career was built upon his ability to fabricate “cool” in any capacity. In his early years, this meant working hand in hand with designer (and then girlfriend) Vivienne Westwood to define what post-hippie style would look like. From there, McLaren played a pivotal role in the punk movement by forming the Sex Pistols and developing their signature dress. After crafting the gritty punk look, McLaren moved onto a more graphic-heavy aesthetic throughout the disco era and beyond. Read more »

Seven Questions: 3sixteen

In many ways, what makes 3sixteen’s jeans great is what makes the brand great too. There’s nothing extraneous. No gimmicky branding. No self-serious posturing. Just quality you can count on, at a price you can deal with. Since it’s founding 10 years ago, 3sixteen has become one of the most respected denim labels operating today. And, again like their jeans, they’re only getting better with age. While their ever-impressive denim line-up remains the core focus, a number of new complimentary pieces have been added to the collection, all of which not only pair great with their jeans, but also offer the same level of quality and character.

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Inspiration is Where You Find It: The Goonies

It’s been almost two decades since The Goonies first refused to say “die,” but their declaration of immortality still rings clear today. That ragtag lot of adventurous kids seems to become more and more beloved as the years go on, but that’s not just mere nostalgia. The Goonies plainly is one of the most enjoyable films of all time, epitomizing the madcap adventure genre that Steven Spielberg, Christopher Columbus, and their counterparts popularized throughout the 1980s. Aside from being straight up fun, The Goonies also stands as a prime example of ’80s style at its best. As they journey in and under suburban Oregon in search of buried treasure, the eight Goonies are outfitted head to toe in some of the era’s finest Northwestern wares. Read more »

Seven Questions: Epaulet

There really is no other store like Epaulet. Whatever the new big thing is in (#)menswear, it’s almost a guarantee that Epaulet will have their own version of it, and that it will be an incredible deal. They’re almost like a men’s only H&M or Zara, except super high quality. And made entirely in the first world. And way more tasteful. Okay, so nothing like H&M and Zara. The speed with which Epaulet is able to synthesize the trends, and how entirely on-point design- and fit-wise each product is, is truly remarkable. At the same time, there’s nothing remotely disposable about what Epaulet does. Though their goods may be turned around fast, they are not a fast fashion label. Epaulet makes on-trend pieces, that you can – and will – keep on wearing long after the trend has passed.

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