Seven Questions: Outdoor Voices

There isn’t much you can’t do in Outdoor Voices. Designed to be “as versatile as you are,” the NYC-based label’s recreation-ready pants, shorts, tees and jackets combine state of the art performance fabrics with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, so they’ll keep you looking and feeling good whether you’re breaking a sweat on the running trail, or lounging on a lazy sunday. OV’s clothes are also tough as nails (proudly made in Los Angeles) and fit great (see every photo in this post). Add all that up, and you’ve got yourself some seriously solid gear, no matter how active – or inactive – your lifestyle may be.

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Sliding Scale: American-Made Work Gloves

Welcome to the first installment of Sliding Scale, a new series in which we’ll be bringing you a single product for every budget. We’ve decided to kick things off with American-made work gloves, as we recently received an email from a reader who was looking for “a nice pair of yellow / tan insulated work gloves for cold-ass winters.” If you’ve got a product you’d like to see included, shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can turn up. Read more »

Seven Questions: Buck Mason

At first glance, Buck Mason might seem like yet another carbon copy “Heritage” brand. They’ve got the old-timey sounding name. They talk a lot about the importance of domestic manufacturing. Their collection is comprised of selvedge denim jeans, oxford cloth buttondowns, and chambray work shirts. They even employ the consumer-direct business model that so many of the other new American(a) start-ups do. However, to write Buck Mason off as more of the same, is to miss out on some seriously great clothing. While the types of garments they make may (now) seem commonplace, Buck Mason’s design, fit and construction elevate their pieces well above similar offerings from other labels. They’re the kind of clothes that become favorites – wardrobe fixtures to be; uniforms in waiting. So as familiar as Buck Mason might seem, don’t let that keep you from getting familiar with them.

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