Sweated & Vetted: STR/KE MVMNT

The Canadian company STR/KE MVMNT is probably best known for its line of lightweight, minimalist athletic shoes. The Interval and Pace, for example, have a low stack height and low drop for great biomechanics and ground-feel, plus a wide forefoot and breathable mesh upper for comfort. The accompanying line of apparel, which includes both men’s and women’s gear, is expanding and the company recently added hoodies and sweats. Read more »

Sweated & Vetted: OnlyAtoms

Two nights ago, OnlyAtoms co-hosted a running / yoga / art / beer party in Brooklyn as part of the hoopla leading up to Saturday’s NYC Marathon. So much of the event is emblematic of this small startup, which was founded last year by ultra-runner Beth Weinstein. Learning about OnlyAtoms is a bit like stumbling on a local secret. There’s a remarkable level of authentic cool running through the company. Read more »

A Conversation with American Field

Launched in 2012 by the founders of the Boston-based menswear label Ball and Buck, American Field is a gathering of “the best American made brands and the people behind them.” Originally conceived as a local, once-a-year event, the show’s quick rise in popularity led to the addition of more dates, and more states, and this year is the traveling market’s most ambitious to date. Read more »

Sweated & Vetted: Tracksmith

Lawrence University’s George Whiting Field, guarded by a century-old stone gate and situated on a bluff over the Fox River, is exactly the kind of place the folks from Tracksmith would appreciate. It’s where history is mated to technology in the pursuit of fast, hard running. Tracksmith, founded in 2014, is based in Massachusetts and it’s no accident that their office overlooks the halfway marker of the historic Boston Marathon. Read more »