BRZN Solid Copper Bracelets

I am so into copper bracelets right now. Silver is too femme for my liking, and gold is too extravagant, even though I deserve the utmost luxury. But these Solid Copper Bracelets from BRZN are just right. Each one is individually handcrafted in Chicago out of solid copper and real bullet casings that have been tumbled to make them nice and shiny. A $69 bracelet that will last longer than leather and look better with wear? Cop(per)ed!


For price and purchase info, visit BRZN.

  • Wow. If this were brass, I’d be alll over it.

  • Craig

    If you or anyone else on this blog continue to make comments like “Silver is too femme for my liking” you are going to lose a lot of long term readers, including myself. Such comments are offensive to gay and non gender conforming men.

    • Hey Craig,

      Thanks for your comment. We’re certainly not looking to alienate any readers. That said, why is the statement in question so offensive if it’s Nick’s opinion that silver looks feminine on him, and he doesn’t want to look feminine?

      I’m not trying to antagonize you or disrespect your feelings here. I’m honestly curious.

      Thanks again,


      • Craig

        Well, honestly, if you have to ask the question at all I think it will be challenging for you to get it. Do you have any gay male friends? Maybe ask them and see what they say. Depending on how many gay men you know, some may say it isn’t offensive. But some will. I wonder if Nick would be offended if he read in a blog that someone thought that a particular item of clothing was too black for their liking. And he didn’t really say the item in question is too feminine for him, he said it was “too femme for my liking.” Maybe look up “femme” in the urban dictionary? Or wikipedia? Or do some research on the derogatory nature of calling a straight or gay man “femme.”

        • Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of “femme” being a derogatory term.

          I honestly think that Nick was using femme as an abbreviation for feminine, and not a purposeful slight against gay people. Had either of us known the insulting / negative connotations of the word, it wouldn’t be in the post.

          Neither of us have any interest in using this site as a platform for bigotry of any kind. I’m sorry we didn’t know better.

          • Craig

            Awesome. You can make it up to me by buying me a coffee the next time you are in NYC. 😉

          • Ha. Will do.

          • Nick Grant

            Look, Craig. I’m sorry this is 2 weeks (too?) late and if my comment was offensive. As Brad mentioned, never did I intend for it to come off as if I was saying it would look “gay” on me. I’m sure many things I wear would be classified as non-gender conforming that spark ignorant comments by ignorant people and I’m perfectly fine with that. My intention was to say that silver looks feminine on me and me, only. So it looks as though I used a word (femme) without knowing the context of it in the gay community. For that, I am sorry.

            I don’t necessarily agree with your justification comparing it to someone say something is too “black” because I don’t believe in eye for an eye, but I do understand what you are saying. Probably wouldn’t offend me as much as you think, but the context of it surely wouldn’t be acceptable.

            Hope it’s understood my description was neither a conscious or sub-conscious jab at the gay community.

        • PMN

          You have now stepped into the Twilight Zone