Breitbart Has a Fashion Critic (and He’s a Real Bitch)

Because if there’s one thing white supremacists love, it’s snarky red carpet coverage (I honestly don’t even know if that’s a joke), Breitbart now has a full-time fashion critic named John Binder, and he was recently profiled by The New York Times.

Young and unabashed, the “tart” cultural commentator comes off like a less biting Fashion Police Joan Rivers trapped in Ann Coulter’s psyche. He once clumsily wrote that Jane Fonda “had developed a classic case of trying to be a teeny-bopper” (classic?) and tends to praise the style of politically simpatico celebrities (Nicole Kidman “stunned” at the Emmy Awards after she “rocked Hollywood” with her “vocal postelection support for Donald Trump”).

Other takeaways: Binder considers Melania Trump, Victoria Beckham and the Olson Twins to be “the greatest living women.” He called the First Lady’s Hurricane Harvey recovery outfit “unapologetic and fabulous.” He doesn’t like Ivanka, mostly because she failed to recently mention “some of the egregious crimes committed by illegal aliens.”

He also (somewhat bizarrely, given his audience) harbors a particular disdain for comfortable footwear in women’s fashion. ”Until recently, if you were fashionable, you wore sneakers,” he told the Times, “even if they cost $2,000 and were Gucci. You didn’t want to look expensive or as if you were trying too hard… With Melania, all that has gone out the window. She is transitioning us into a kind of bitch-goddess ultra-femininity.”

And while conspiracy-laced, fear-mongering blog posts are most definitely still Breitbart’s Thing, it’s somewhat chilling that the Steve Bannon-captained outpost is confident enough in its mainstream potential that they’re willing to push lighthearted fashion coverage on its readers.

“I want people to go there and find something amusing,” Alex Marlow, the site’s editor in chief, told the Times, “and not regard it purely as a place where readers get outraged.” Oh boy.

You can read more about it at The New York Times.

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