Blue Sakura Western Shirts

I imagine these Blue Sakura Western Shirts being worn in a movie that’s set in the future, The Fifth Element-style, and Justin Theroux is addicted to some avant garde drug that gives him premonitions to help predict and prevent disasters. But, he isn’t the only one who knows about the drug: Daniel Day Lewis, who is also a fan of the Japanese-made, snap button shirts, uses the drug to try to create disasters, and will stop at nothing to destroy the world. They’re in a race against time, each other, and the deadly effects of the drugs, but by god do they look amazing. To whomever steals my idea and makes this movie; I don’t even want money, just buy me all of the tattered-bottom shirts from Denimio, and let me be the body-double in Theroux’s sex scene with Alexandra Daddario.

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