Blue Blue Japan Stretch Twill Hand Dyed Jeans

Do you guys remember your favorite toy from when you were a kid? Mine was a My Pet Monster. I don’t really remember it doing anything cool, I just loved the colors. 30 years from now, I feel like I’ll be able to say the same thing about these Stretch Twill Hand Dyed Jeans from Blue Blue Japan. They’re made in Japan out of a nice stretch cotton twill, but what’ll really stand out, years down the road, is the incredible hand-dyed indigo color. I’ll happily take an indigo-dyed crotch for these ANY DAY. Get ’em for $135 (down from $225), plus an additional 10% off with code WS10, at No Man Walks Alone.




For price and purchase info, visit No Man Walks Alone.

  • Hey_Nineteen

    How does Blue Blue do their sizing? is 34 34 or is 34 like 36?

    • According to the size chart at NMWA, it looks like they’re true to size.