Birkenstock Boston Shearling Clogs

Walked up out the house today in my Birkenstock Bostons and a regular ass pair of socks because it was supposed to be a balmy 56 degrees. Unfortunately, in my geographical location, 56 degree days are soon to be a distant memory, which means if I wanna keep on wearing Bostons, I can move to Southern California where I am able to wear Bostons 95% of the time, OR, I can pick up a pair of these Shearling Bostons. While option #1 certainly sounds enticing, it’s not as simple as just copping the Birks With the Fur™ and slipping my feet into a warm, comfortable shearling lining and footbed. It’s also significantly more fiscally responsible considering these only cost $165 and relocating to SoCal is, well, more than $165 I know that for sure.

For price and purchase info, visit Birkenstock.