Being There: Epaulet Manhattan

I finally had a chance to visit Epaulet’s new Manhattan location while I was home for the holiday, and I decided to bring my little sister along to take some pics. Unsurprisingly, the store is brimming with covet-able goodness. From the Canadian-made shawl collar sweaters, to the vast in-house shirting collection, to the just-dropped Epaulet suiting, to the exclusive Alden collabs, to the new CPO Shirt Jackets – well, let’s just say there’s a lot that I wanted. If you’re in NYC, and you haven’t already stopped in, add it to your to-do list. You’ll be glad you did. More pics after the jump.

Where to begin?

A luxuriously soft Alpaca beanie, handknit by co-owner Adele’s mother.

One of the beautiful new Heirloom Shawl Collar Cardigans.

Exclusive outerwear from Nau, and some of the new Epaulet suiting.

A closer look at the Epaulet suiting.

Made in NYC, and under $400 (for the jacket). Not too shabby.

The world famous Rivet Chinos, now available in over a half dozen different fabrics.

The new CPO Shirt Jackets. Pure perfection.

Navy CPO jacket and my “I’m buying this” face.

One of each please, thanks.

The Thorogood for Epaulet No. 685 Boot, pre and post blizzard.

Epaulet’s feminine side.

Ladies, if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the new Epaulet x Ugglebo Clogs. Made in Sweden, and absolutely stunning.

A huge thanks to co-owner (and clog designer) Adele for being such a wonderful and gracious host. Thanks Adele!

Epaulet’s Manhattan location is open Tuesday – Sunday. For store hours and directions, visit the Epaulet website.

  • wesib

    Brad, could you please tell me, what’s the brand and model of the the jeans that you’re wearing on the photo?

  • alex

    What size cpo jacket did you end up getting / what size epaulet shirt do you wear?